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use force to resolve the situation in ukraine the minister believes that the current issue can be results through peaceful negotiations. it was stated by the official representative of the foreign affairs ministry at the briefing anasta now emily's the parties are able to make balanced and objective decisions the country also the situation in ukraine will settle down since the for the worsening the crisis could lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region in the whole world is the legacy of the diesel is going to get some addicts human urge all parties to make decisions objectively
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and responsibly and to refrain from actions echo provoking for the aggravation of the ukrainian prices extend hopes for an early normalization of the situation in a peace dialogue of all political forces but it teaches kids to the bus loading of the president can extend this offer to buy a map of the members of the national advisory board the main directions on the frail the realization of the economic potential cause extent implementation of international initiatives of the republic as well as preparations for expo two thousand seventeen what discussed during a meeting in addition participants of the meeting exchange views on the international agenda including the situation in ukraine are so cannot survive laid stress on the court affording regular meetings with the members of the board it should be noted that the international advisory board was established in two thousand ten well known political figures and europe like former austrian chancellor alfred goosen bauer former polish president lech cynic was not a ski former president of the european commission and the italian prime minister romano prodi are the members of the council. direct their
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plate may be open between austin and helsinki and the storyline of finland has already expressed readiness to fight to that extent the sultan as a buyer and the chairman to finish from if you look in the last discuss bilateral cooperation during the meeting relevant topics of the international agenda were also discussed as the president noted cousin stan is interested in economic development and political dialogue with them and you will see this until i visited helsinki and the new president of finland in an official visit to the extent we went to jake's parents' education and the bottom of the technologies and our program of industrialization gives us the opportunity to work finished companies in kazakhstan. residual the globe. i conveyed the best wishes and greetings from the president of finland to the president when also discussed opportunities of the finnish side with many companies which produce clean technologies including energy saving and energy efficient as well as grain production of natural resources or nature preserve in its original form. it was a very constructive meeting the deputy chairman of
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the comics and the cost of these maya and the saker of thearliament of finlandnd mee wreicials dised a w range of cootintof bilateral parliamentary relations as osgood be some bias noted kazakhstan is interested and active to station unfinished business in realization of the projects on the diversificati of the national economy and the vellum of science based in high tech industries the vice speaker of the senate and by the finnish companies to participate at the international exhibition expo two thousand seventeen and austin are here or here omar told about the extent of finland on themplementation of renewable energy technologies which can only cover about forty percent of the energy of the country the speaker of the famous prawn also stressed the high objectives of the momensaid the strategy of cars extended to two thousand fifty the importance of developing strategy two thousand fifty was also discussed at the meeting with the cousin jill is chairman. no money michael and know that the speak of the parliament of finland giteau can allow a riot in the country on his first official visit at the invitation of the cars were jealous don't know all my highly appreciated cause expense role in the region and in the world and he
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believes that the success of the republic as well as stable the moment show an example for countries around the world. stressing the importance of development of the parliament of cooperation the speakers were unanimous and strengthening of the cooperation will be promoted by the expansion at the level of fractions and committees the expense of finnish colleagues in the issues of legislative support of innovative bowman improvement of the educational system ecological approach to the economy raises particular interest for cars extended parliamentarians the lower house of the parma of them are jealous of the meeting but causing minister of economy and budget planning informed that the government and the national bank of cars extend this idea for what purposes it would be located three chilling changi spent thus the fines will be used to support small and medium size businesses and manufactured products by two recording will be the main operator. the money will be channeled through the open ocean development fund moreover part of the look of the funds will be directed to the development of the industrial structure of the country according to get a lot messiah. another important direction implies the question of improvement
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that they can set their special funds will be provided for this purpose the head of the ministry of economy noted that the national bank of kazakhstan will be engaged in the repurchase of these assets to refund of problem loans then the government would take in the management of concrete projects can begin implementation. so even though i would go with it sometimes we'll get to seven years the best that we have proposed is up to seven percent per year. as you know today we subsidize to seven percent for your continued in the business roadmap similar conditions will be provided as for larger projects we decide to divide into two interesting issues caused by blending three second tier banks. i heat my ten according to locate deposits which are second tier banks in accordance with the creek area for products that are being submitted. these are projects from about ten to fifteen million seeing it for up to ten years. another direction as the development of the manufacturing industry the financial be directed through the development of cars extend itself. he will be long term capital intensive projects worth over fifty million dollars for up to fifteen years. conditions will be about to say a little
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sister. so go vote left it according to a new washer and what's going on business inspections is on president measure at the same time it is not licensed to preach businesses responsible for obligations tax payments release of goods in compliance with laws according to the member of the mojo is representing the optional party it should be necessary to conduct a full audit of existing legislation and take on severn your code during moratorium is to put a wash of focus on the vulnerability of medium businesses. he really is that the last ten to make preference is for small businesses in general according to the mp the presidentnt's decree of introducing concrete measures to improve the conditions for the moment of entrepreneurship will contribute to the rapid growth of business in the country. the only diesel pollution. for those of you who tuned in. as it is noted recently the president instructed the national fun to locate one continue to support business bus operators have the unique opportunity to spend this money in a couple and i'm too difficult for vocals for
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the gills with which the blogs that you will but didn't use to it is true the technology the production of energy efficient building a terrace with a bow in the laboratory scientific research institute for engineering and resource conservation leading university in a mosque thought this plan the present invention is at the international exhibition expo two thousand seventeen anasta frustration and tears of the future scientists applied local investor in manufacturing waste such as gays sand clay phosphorus and coppola slot which lasts all for and even rice husk. these are all mature as for creation of absolutely new construction and zeros. then scientists from the university collaborated new technologies concrete examples of old concrete artificial boss phone glasses and bottles that was for water fun glasses made from quartz sand in power from lee's class. the port city in the likeness of the maturity is reached by phone which is made from horns and hooves of animals but us scientists propose three kinds of dysentery which has no equal terms of thermal insulation durability like this in
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stride. moreover bricks for film class to not sink or burn. devoted orders to assist in the bottom of a difficult pattern according to thermal car collisions in or out what they should be about one point five meters but if the laws made from foam concrete pits the kids compete forty centimeters here we see a great difference in a large consumption of bricks but such phone concrete is used to have great savings in large amounts of funding can be saved if the veto. no smoking gun was not known as the new system. new technologies for energy and resource efficiency in able to build houses out of materials at save on heating and airconditioning. besides according to the scientists these buildings stand for much longer than buildings constructed from simple bricks all this meets the criteria of the upcoming international exhibition expo which covers of the future energy. on the bottle just to look at the wembley where i live images of the dissertation expo two thousand seventeen. he gives the zune psp given the opportunity to foreign investors will help us to realize their projects domestic as well as foreign so we wanted to disobey in expo two thousand seventeen at present this material
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just that the material guess which one seven hundred and thirty two medals and various competitions in two thousand thirteen the chairman of the agency of sports and has been training summarize the results of last year's sports year at a meeting of the board to run and seventy nine medals among them were won at none of the competition's ninety to one of the war championships and more than one hundred and eighty medals were won the asian championships in international tournaments especially custom biggest entire noted the fact that the number of athletes with disabilities has increased in two thousand nine this figure may call thousand people in two thousand thirteen more than eighteen thousand people last year they won twenty eight medals for the country also the result of the wood olympics in sochi were discussed at the meeting. in essence the cinema the performances of athletes at the olympic games in sochi where better than in vancouver for example six points and won the top ten of two kinds of sport something cool or as in sochi fifty athletes from ten kinds of sport and to the top ten it says that we are we to have a bag a mix of growth. they're
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very strong young athletes in the capital have recovered athletes haven't realized the medal target the national team for this court to face the task to improve the results of previous olympics us to make is that i've come to an affiliate of the cars teams up in the big games in sochi. it is claimed to be a massive mistake. of course we were disappointed with their performance but i would like to say that they're also shortcomings of our coaches. i think when you hire school coaches are domestic go to sell exchange experience with one specialist in him to nominate a team of like the ideal of up to seven business decisions. the latest news is that three dhabi you dodge cars out that stevie got kate said. and. it's a cliche because it sends banking sector is teaching. last august with a large international banks hsbc announced the sale of its
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business and catholics than six months later they found that by a worldwide withdrawal of foreign investors to the country is considered to be a bad sign nobody does. foreign investors the past week asic and not because it's sweet is that. but because she had to finance the creamery to enter tournaments with her than developed countries. this is a global problem. our most menacing with the amount of land. this feeling safe distance the sixty third transaction with help from emerging markets. it should be noted that foreign banks are still feeling the effects of the global economic crisis recession in developed countries and slow recovery of the market is helping national corporations and is profitable divisions leaving only their lead lasted. eo is to live without. when the federal reserve system announced its support of the american economy the role of foreign capital from emerging markets to place worldwide. i would not attribute the situation
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specifically two thousand and needy. it said. the deal between the stoic as it has major banks will be completed later this year. within ten months there is a who's who received the approval of the regulator and carry out a number of procedures the most epic is the new financial sector will be announced at the same time the seventh year the row apple has been seeing the world's most admired company. these are the results of a survey conducted by for a month off managers and other experts the second place went to amazon. who was in third place. they swapped places compared with two thousand thirteen weeks. there followed by berkshire hathaway starbucks and coca cola. the top ten also includes walt disney and general electric. idealistic sixth place last year dropped to number sixteen cents to use them if you want my kids off to slumber to support and
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facebook is in thirteenth place. service through a broad consensus among americans that the us is spending too much work to meet on the military is it for the three reports. thirty seven percent of americans believe that the nation spends on an elixir too much eighteen percent a standstill that of their state spending is about right the global car industry are stable as the chinese new year card industry's offset the decline in consumption and some emerging markets moody's investor service reports. the rating agency expects chinese box but it has to go through a growth of about eight percent while in western europe the car sales will grow out of reach of two percent. electronics plants to cut one third of its staff under the program costs the position adopted by its parent company sony corporation. bloomberg reports. about one thousand employees will be dismissed
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besides the company which produces the high definition tv sets will close twenty stores in the us. the eye the extent you when to switch to sweeten the lemon paralympic games sports event will be held from the seventeenth to the sixteenth of march to
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extend one five licences for the first time ever the team consist of alex and nick are gathered from ghost in the region guy that can not been in jail and most unethical for most cars extent you like tomato from the mudgee region and john noble to buy about from home options for athletes were present as extinct in ski racing and kind aftermath to perform at the last one short distance. the team how the last trading at a local ski and bike along complex this is a tedious routine or whether we are where all the difficulties the image became face discuss the weather changes in sochi and we are ready for it with their pet store to pick up until two am. monte hosted in estrogen and rhythmic gymnastics which was attended by athletes from leading schools such as schools are yet usable but in the week with me it's all about as well as scores of them in reserve. next to a new campaign. jason says that adam jones from kazakhstan as well as russian ukraine that is great in this tournament
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has become an international event. we don't superbowl gymnastics in kazakhstan and cause a gymnast him a note about the get go but in this circle back and i mean a lot and choke when the competition among the girls born in two thousand five the company now that cn call from ukraine won the first place in the program and the master sports but team on the flop of us and i love the most depth of what took second and third places respectively question of identity all of us took the first place among the juniors janelle said the driver is in second place as well as doomed as the citizen third. yes industry in two thousand thirteen gas production amounted to forty two point three billion cubic meters of wall in the park and gas production amounted to forty two point eight billion cubic meters of natural gas consumption about ten point nine billion cubic meters of
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oil gas exporting country amounted to eight point six billion cubic meters of oil gas transit get through the about the ninety nine point one four six meters two point four four million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas was produced during implementation of gas utilization programs by sub soil users of oil and gas for about thirteen them up zero point nine billion cubic meters which is ninety three percent compared to two thousand wealthy cousin jenny way first two thousand thirteen devoid of natural gas underground gas storage facilities of stalin amounted to zero point nine billion cubic meters. all. the thus
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the stone work. beyond. it was republicans who just wanted us to the city to give an important task to carry on that is how to navigate the sixth and feel of light and complain about whether or how to fix an airplane with a technical defect called here the school to the ministry of defence for a chance to make special agreements with the stake here seven cost about two thousand. love the chaos of the ghetto is one of the school produced the dreams come true this guy
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or to cruel joke is this business the board approves of its business. what if i play i feel the big responsibility on my shoulders. it is not the same as when on earth. when you're in the sky there's no time to think every maneuver and this guy should be done precisely very quick. he's the one about in his tuesday the venue did not use the summit. no president has the republicans to school with just one day after genocide about her mother who was formed according to government decree and ninety nine the areas of school studies are based on sound study of the russian team was playing with his notice of the increased traffic and page. it's great he has to make the younger generation including capital the military sphere according to the office of mental moral and legal new
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senior prize in the training that much though so don't force is going to sentosa weapons and acquired skills of the season cute. our pupils study the techniques of the elastic of eighteen forty seven the complete military training in the current form. after completing training so we assessed the levels of every one of our students. for instance some of this didn't shoot well with the right eye open another shoot well with the left eye open. and also some students have the ability to distinguish the sound of it from rifles being shot at the same time we can determine the level of knowledge to every individual student. it is very important this was the last visit not very well be active in sports to apply techniques of the military machines as a helicopter for the use of combat weapons. that is why this kind of criteria was introduced to great addition for schoolboys after the seventh form important in this regard but you are liable to be the head of the school curriculum department explained some of
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the main criteria of the few that come from every region of cars that will come available. lol but instead had given gifts all of the nba. the major group of applicants makes up about seventy percent of children for needy families from the whole country. it is the first criteria for the applicants. i consider to be a benefit handed down from one president he knew the cause of people. well first of all the boys are chosen in the local military and the streets after their emitted by the commissary at the scene and application request admission into the lawn school or didn't he know that was and is useful but it got me into a tasty it is in indiana. with his father came here to enter the republicans who was just one from the city to the region. his father has a heart condition. just what school is a great opportunity for him. it opens the gates to the filling beat cream until it touches to a cooler
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from heat. ablett had the chance to meet with the president. entries in the future to the oval office he's an excellent pupil in the water student in school it is very prestigious to study here for every citizen of the republic of kazakhstan it is a great honor. i'm very happy. the school is dedicated to one of the great heroes of our country. i'm very proud of starting the school. i will protect my native land and teachers to my very last breath and make my contribution in on forces of cars expand as the great site about the modern view of it all. a day. though. no more of. scored just one differs from other senior schools and because it offers free education and international level the school established tight
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relationships with other military universities for countries such as turkey usa you are ruler. in. the you love. i do. tests the troll
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two dollars and one until today afghanistan has seen big changes in tournament infrastructure education with a strong and consistent growth in the information communication technology sector. what do anything else of positive future for afghanistan. despite these challenges the technical section of the most and has attracted over one point eight for the news dollars in private investment in housing debate in the midst of data can be done to comply with which he spoke the kent state one of them is to steal in emissions is the minister of information and technology a small but when a system in afghanistan. when the money on. but it was easy. winds
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nick is what the diesel him was. it is yet to open one or two children as he stood for the nation. keep your children. of course. the hint of gold luster that it was east of the nation. one weak link in the top spot on the boys before doesn't mean you don't want my money going to go to the speed of light well it was listed for the good of what. the it's not like it the agency major afghan don't use a thousand dollars the approval of intuition class of having five continuous awesome each of them will bind the truck operators to support expansion of coal by money they hope to save the minutemen have a significant impact on the life of the scans and would be the start of the people in the jeep in a year in afghanistan. oh well money is become a top priority of u s aid in afghanistan but the web as well around the world. um the focus is really on financial inclusion. here in afghanistan only less than nine percent of afghans have
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bank accounts. over sixty percent of mobile phones to leverage of the use of mobile phones and provides people financial services. another important to qvc which has been yet in afghanistan could itself into an asset to the communication company that the sum of is the high speed what's in the store has a three g and the sauce has become the first company to to do this to depart technology for customers in afghanistan the people who are miracle concluded that the defendant admits that that they were really excited because i was taught to do the in form to the offending was taught them the gold coast and will talk to you if only the bidding. when the wind. and this is an encouraging message from allah to customers as with even one afghanistan customers. hollywood is gigi services committee on the bed evident get to city kabul but telecommunication companies with the help of new stuff information and technology have promised to expand its a disservice to all the pro was soft aniston. the mist is
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also responsible for debatable but the machines now see the bubble of an a but in a number of locations on the cd it the devil's own uses these are the top of get credit. but that the reason why them and get caught on to the site you may have if so what did he loves the sake of the sword the social revolt led to admit that i get with that. get to say that the funds on the news like it but at what is up above that of a limo but what with the bubbles of it that way so that as the media was jacob out of the sauce packets of all the fun. it was good and i said it was the prettiest looking to get them all into that. this of bed to be fooled by the ministry also has plans to increase surveillance cameras in kabul to the fight against crime and the cd. along with the views of his father. she didn't like people with money she will whine to them whatever you choose. the plot
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was well spoken. the teenaged the disciples went to slp and i was thinking the whole point loss to the donut shop of the cheesecloth get this it's a start. the pudding but then at the show and called one afghanistan. i asked. so means so it's i would say that it was a pain in the news media's radar. think also that when you see a darkened street. pupils are dust. so the formation of his days being silent received a text. basically what we do is address it. i neglected dogs and dogs roam the streets of bristol all the dogs we have more than three hundred which opened the door so it's no future because i really really big. we're hearing of
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faith. we have a huge therefore iran that had been with me. i was horny and that was yours. where people create. the band's for fun race could be a party. we are going to be a dozen meetings with dogs you can see it given efficient treatment and four. brendon. for less malaysia is awesome. i'm so sensitive that they are continually twenty. well that's great because we can say. the flight from la do it
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yours. you would want one will the eye. i will. will i you. be. huh. been in. oh

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